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Entertainment Sound Production



Entertainment Sound Production has established a solid staff of experienced & skilled sound engineers, technicians and other production professionals. Our full time staff include the people listed here. In addition we draw upon a wide ranging group of professional engineers, stagehands, riggers and technicians - both freelancers and those affiliated with the IATSE Local 22 in Washington DC and Local 19 in Baltimore.

E. Riley Casey - email to :

Co-owner Riley Casey has been involved in the music and sound business since the early 1970s. First as a musician in the Washington DC area. Later he worked with Potomac Sound and Emco Inc. before forming Entertainment Sound with Patti Heck in 1981.

Patti Heck - email to :

Co-owner and business manager. All inquiries concerning billing and financial matters should be directed to Patti.

Jeremy Meyers - email to :

Jeremy is our lead sound engineer and project manager.

Pete Davis -

After completing his education at Full Sail Pete has worked in lighting design and installation at BSL and now in audio here at ESP.

Chris Dopkin - rental manager -

Chris handles all equipment rentals orders. Chris worked on location recordings with the Big Mo Recording trucks where he has a mixed a variety of major show before joining ESP.

Gustavo Varga -

Gustavo has worked as both FOH and stage monitor engineer for a large number of national & international performers. He is also our bilingual Spanish & English engineer.

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